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Aside from buying the home of their dreams, selling a property is one of the biggest tasks many people will undertake in their lifetimes. There are numerous intricacies that go into the process of not only putting a home on the market, but also effectively promoting a residence and attracting the right kinds of buyers.

When it comes to selling your house, the most important decision you will make is which broker to choose. You want a broker who will aggressively market and sell your home with minimal discomfort to you, in a timely manner, and at a good value. You want a broker who knows the local market, and one who is a full time professional, dedicated to their craft.



From understanding the local school system and jobs market to researching community home values and past sales history, real estate agents stay on top of all of the essential details they need to know to move your property expeditiously and for the right amount of money.


A top agent will be your number 1 advocate during purchase negotiations. As your negotiator, we bring our expert market knowledge combined with years of understanding buyer's needs and proven negotiation tactics to get you the best price.


Your broker should be available to you when you need. You should be able to rely on your agent to save you time marketing, showing and coordinating the sale of your house.


There are innumerable laws, regulations and contract forms used during your home sale. We want you to understand the paperwork and will take the timeto explain it to you so you understand the contract and feel comfortable signing any paperwork.

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When you select Watts Property Group to market your property, you get an experienced and aggressive team. Our clients also benefit from the power and resources of both Watts Property Group and Greene Realty Group’s websites and marketing efforts. Between the two teams, we have two assistants, and two marketing professionals to help get you “sold”. Greene Realty Group is the ONLY brokerage in the county with a full time Marketing Director on staff. What this means to you is top notch market exposure on all fronts, professional marketing materials and state-of-the-art websites and search engine optimization.

Missy formed Watts Property Group under the umbrella of Greene Realty Group in response to a need for boutique-level service in this competitive business. Greene Realty has been a top producing brokerage in the Thurston County area for over ten years, and Missy has been a part of that tradition since Greene Realty’s inception.  All brokers at Greene Realty are full-time brokers, and with only 40 brokers, the per-broker production is some of the highest in the county.

As part of Greene, Watts Property Group has consistently ranked in the top three for production, ranking at number one for the past three years. Missy has the experience, expertise, and professionalism required to get your property sold.

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Common Questions

  • How do I sell my house?
    Below is the general process for selling your house: Marketing and advertising your house is for sale. A top agent will have multiple fronts and tools with which they will market your house for you. Show your house to prospective buyers and answer questions from agents/buyers. A top agent will ensure every interested buyer gets their questions answered, have as many looks at your house as they need, and in short make sure you are set up for successfully winning an offer from the buyer. Review offers. The buyer/buyer’s agent will prepare an offer for you to review. Your agent will help you understand contingencies, and the strengths/merits as well as risks for each offer. There’s more to an offer than just the price. Accept offer and navigating closing process. Once you’ve accepted an offer, there’s still quite a lot that happens. The buyer needs to be approved for financing, which involves getting an official appraisal done on your house by the lender. A buyer may also want to conduct an inspection and you’ll need to coordinate to let the inspector on site. An agent will ensure that deadlines are met and coordinate all the vendors that need access to your house. Sign paperwork. Once it’s all said and done, all that’s left is to sign the official closing documents and collect your sales proceeds!
  • How quickly will my house sell?
    There is no easy answer…. Some homes will sell in a few days, others may languish on the market for a year. We try to set ourselves up for success, not for failure. Recognizing the key factors influencing marketing can give you control over the time it will take to sell your home.
  • Will selling my house take time away from my job?
    If you have a top agent helping you, selling your house should not consume copious amounts of your time. Depending on the condition of your house, you may need to put some work into making the house more salable. Once it’s on the market, your agent should take care of everything necessary to present you offers to review and sign.
  • What real estate fees will I pay?
    Real estate fees (commissions) are paid by the seller. Typically it’s 6% of the sale price, which is split evenly between the listing agent (your broker) and the selling agent (the buyer’s broker). It may be worth understanding that brokers do not earn a salary in the same way a person employed at a company collects a paycheck every two weeks. They make no money until your house sells and the transaction is complete. Your broker will put all their time, money and energy into selling your home and will not get paid until months later when the transaction closes.
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