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Despite all of the technology available to buyers these days, your search for your dream home still takes time and careful research. Whether you are a first-time home buyer or a veteran who’s purchased multiple residences over the years, a real estate broker can help you wade through the vast information available.

When it comes to your real estate needs, the most important decision you will make is which broker to choose. When you select Watts Property Group of Greene Realty to represent you as a buyer, you not only get an experienced and aggressive team, but you leverage the power and resources of Greene Realty and Watts Property Group. Between the two teams, we have two assistants, but you will never be “passed off” to an assistant, a complaint we hear from buyers who have had that experience.

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Understand your budget and how much you can qualify to borrow. Narrow down your search by price point so you only view homes that you can actually afford.


It's vital to discover which homes for sale are in prime condition and which will require some investment to fix. Make sure a professional inspector assesses any house you put an offer on.


If you don't like moving, make sure you consider your future needs when you consider the size of home you want. Ideally, you'll find a home you can grow into rather than one that you will outgrow.


You can change everything about your house except its location. Check out the surrounding area to ensure it offers the lifestyle you want.


EXPERIENCE When buying a property in today’s real estate market it is important to have an agent representing your interests. Experienced eyes can really help you in your real estate search. What can we see that you do not? We have extensive experience analyzing properties for potential inspection issues, resale possibilities, subtleties of location and exposure, health and safety issues.

KNOWLEDGE We work on real estate contracts every day and we are versed in providing the protections and opportunities to inspect that our buyers need. We believe in advanced real estate education to make sure that we understand the changing rules, laws and local rulings that can affect your real estate purchase. A top agent can also help you navigate the financial documents required through the home purchase process. Things from pre-approval letters, quotes from lenders and settlement statements that breakdown all your cost require your close attention. You should understand and feel comfortable knowing what you are paying for and any short- or long-term ramifications of your decisions.

TRUST-WORTHY ADVOCACY Our integrity and reputation are very important to us and as Realtors we are held to a strict code of ethics. Today with the ever-changing mortgage lending rules and regulations, and with the vast influx of distressed properties, it is more important than ever to work with a professional in your corner. We are with you every step of the way from the first house you tour until you’re comfortably settled in your new home. At Watts Property Group, our only job is to look out for your best interest. We hold ourselves to the highest bar of ethical professionalism because we value you and want to do everything in our power to set you up for success.



A top agent can help you avoid costly mistakes, overspending, or buying property with undisclosed issues.


A top agent knows how to structure a strong offer that doesn't always meet more money out of your pocket.


A top agent will have a deep Rolodex of reputable vendors. It's important to find firms that conduct business correctly and efficiently.


Your agent should make sure you understand everything you are signing -- most importantly the contingencies that allow you to legally back out of an offer if you need.

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It Costs You Nothing

It's smart to use a buyer's agent. You need someone in your corner for one of the most important purchases you will make

Missy prides herself on strong buyer representation and will help you down the path to home-ownership.  Do you know about the current county development changes? How much do you know about septic systems, and wells? Did you know that if you buy a home that is connected to a city sewer that there is a portion of the line that you are responsible for?  We make sure that you check all of these things out during your purchase and inspection timelines and help you make good decisions about your investment. 

The New House
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